BYMT Gala: 20 Years on Stage
Venue: The Other Palace, London
Cast: BYMT alumni and current students

The BYMT Gala will feature songs from across the company’s history performed by alumni artists including Grace Mouat, Lewis Cornay and Kayleigh McKnight reprising BYMT roles. They will be joined by the next generation of future musical theatre stars, with incredible performances from the BYMT current Young Company. The performances will take place on the set of the fabulous new musical Babies, (composer Jack Godfrey), which began its life as a BYMT show in 2021, and has since developed into a fully-fledged professional production.

Let's start with a question; “What was your first glimpse into musical theatre?” I will share my answer within this review. This incredible night celebrating 20 years of BYMT showcased extraordinary talent from individuals that are currently students of BYMT and alumni. It was a night filled with joy and inspiration. A wonderful reminder of how important theatre is, not just in a young persons life, but in anyone’s life. What BYMT does is something I personally wish I had or had knowledge of when I was a young person. Whilst my high school had a drama club and I was very active within it (behind the scenes, building sets, stage cues) it instilled a love and admiration for all things theatre.

Throughout the evening, which was hosted by Lewis Cornay, the audience were taken on the journey of BYMT. Along with the stellar performances, members of the board made speeches throughout. It was a wonderful mix highlighting what BYMT is about. If I could write about every single performance, you'd wind up reading a novel, so instead I’ll point out some of the highlights of the night. Cornay hosting was heartfelt and fun. Even as the host he truly worked the stage, and you can tell he had a blast. Not only did he host, he also showed off his vocal talents with the song Beautiful from the show Mort

From a vocal standpoint, a massive standout for me was Bethany Tennick. Her vocal range is out of this world - what a powerhouse! I truly hope we see Bethany on stage again someday soon, she’s definitely one to look out for. The group numbers with the current BYMT company were pure magic. You could feel the chemistry between everyone and how well their voices blended as one.

This special celebration of twenty years of BYMT was just inspiring. As a creator myself I truly wish I had something like BYMT growing up, but seeing these wonderfully talented performers inspired me and gave me the fire I needed to get back into storytelling and being creative. The evening also was a fabulous reminder of how incredible theatre is, and the community it creates.

The evening as a whole was lovely and I cannot wait to see what is next for these sensational performers. Now circling back to the first question, my first glimpse into musical theatre was Rodgers & Hammerstein's Sound of Music, and to this day both the show and film hold a special place in my heart.

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Article by Dani

**photo credit: Greta Zabulyte**

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