House of Life
Rating: ★★★★★
Venue: Soho Theatre, London
Cast: Ben Welch and Lawrence Cole 

One-part sermon, one-part purge, three-parts party. House of Life is a travelling musical cult collective hosted by the RaveRend, with one mission: to get you happy, at any cost. A space to celebrate. To elevate. To lay out your shit and wash it away. The chance to achieve absolute euphoric togetherness through the relentless powers of music and vibes.

As a southerner raised in a section of America commonly referred to as the Bible Belt, I consider myself well versed in the formula that reverends’ use on Sunday mornings. There is always a specific approach used to gather a group of people in a way that promotes community and comradery.

In all my years spent twiddling my thumbs in southern Baptist church pews, I never envisioned something quite as joyous as what the RaveRend and Trev brought to the Soho Theatre on press night. With his glitter beard, glitter robes, and iconic glasses, I knew it would be a party.

Comedy was laced through the opening, while Trev was creating beats that had everyone bopping along, as the RaveRend made his entrance. Not only were the vocals truly something, the opening song was immediately catchy. I found myself wondering, how long until I can get these songs on streaming?

It was clear from the opening number that this show would require the crowd to be active participants. Elements of the show were reliant on crowd participation as a way to guide the evening. Because of this, no two House of Life shows will be the same - and that is such a treat. The RaveRend took us on a step by step journey to ascension, prompting the audience to stay in the present, and allowing for moments of vulnerability all throughout. The RaveRend brought star power to the intimate venue, while Trev is the comedic and musical mastermind of the show.

Although the venue was on the smaller side, the duo made us feel right at home. Lighting, effects, and believe it or not, a PowerPoint, were simple and impactful, making the evening feel like a party you don’t want to miss.

Trev & Rev promised us that we would walk away happier, and I walked away with my cheeks aching from smiling and giggling through the show. I would highly recommend this show, as it is a reminder of what humans are capable of creating when we have someone showing us how to lift our spirits by lifting one another up.

House of Life is an ascension, celebration, and sermon rolled into one. The cherry on top of the evening was the show ending in a conga line. A group of strangers, smiling ear to ear - proving the point of House of Life - that a little bit of human connection can bring a whole lot of happiness.

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Review by Miranda

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