The next interview in our stagey chat series is with the creators of No Love Songs. Kyle Falconer and Laura Wilde's show will open at the Southwark Playhouse Elephant in London. You can book tickets here.

Get yourself comfy and join us for the next segment of Stagey Chat!

Hi Kyle and Laura, how are you both today? Thanks so much for chatting to Stage to Page! Would you mind introducing yourselves and telling us how you first got into the theatre industry?

Hey! We’re great - thanks for having us!

I’m Kyle Falconer, I have a band called The View which I am currently still touring with and releasing new music with. I have always loved the theatre, since being a young lad. My sisters got me into musicals early on and having seen some of my favourite shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar over 30 times I thought I need to do this !!! Ha.

I’m Laura Wilde and this is my first step into the theatrical world - apart from when I auditioned for a part in Annie in Edinburgh when I was like 11?! I got a call back but didn’t make the 3rd call! I was devastated!

In a few weeks, your production, No Love Songs, is set to open at the Southwark Playhouse Elephant. Can you tell us more about the story?

Yes - we are so excited to take No Love Songs to London! 

The story is about love, relationships and the journey into parenthood and how that changes not only your relationship but your life. It’s based on our own personal journey with that and my experience with postnatal depression while Kyle was working in America. The songs are all from Kyle’s second solo album “No Love Songs for Laura” which was written during that turbulent time for us.

The show has had previous runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and Dundee Rep in 2023. Have there been any changes to the show?

There have been no script changes or directional changes, minor costume tweaks and a big change, re-casting our leading lady Lana. This was something we always knew we would have to do for the future of No Love Songs to tour. Our amazing original actor Dawn Sievewright is a super busy woman and has work commitments this year so we have re-cast the wonderful Anna Russell Martin, who has won the Critics Award for Theatre Scotland in 2020 for Panopticon. We can’t wait to have her on board and she’s currently in rehearsals alongside our wonderful actor John McLarnon as our lead Jesse.

Without spoilers, do you have a standout moment or song from the production?

We don’t want to give spoilers - as you mentioned ha! But ‘Mother’ is the big one and usually there’s never a dry eye, is all we will say!

My blog is called Stage to Page. But if you could turn any book, from page to stage, what would it be and why?

Oh, good question! Mmm, we’re both massive horror fans, Kyle has more of a director’s eye and loves his films and I’m more of the reader. I would pick ‘IT by Stephen King, it’s one of my favourite books and I did my advanced higher dissertation on it! Kyle also highly rates the stage adaptation of ‘The Woman in Black’ so we think there’s definitely room for more horror on stage!

And finally, why should people book tickets to No Love Songs?

You should book tickets to see No Love Songs if you enjoy humour, like to watch inspiring uplifting theatre, if you don’t shy away from heavy subject matters, that leave you with a long standing message and amazing songs that you can’t get out of your head!

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