We’re not even halfway into 2024, but the calibre of musicals announced already is mind-blowing. While there’s incredible productions touring around the UK, I wanted to highlight some of the talent currently in the West End, and shows I’m excited for in the second half of 2024. Let’s take a look at some of the best new shows in London.


One of the most anticipated musicals in London this year was Hadestown. After its most recent run taking Broadway by storm, I was excited for the underworld to be returning to the West End. Hadestown follows the journey of a pair of lovers; one’s whose stories you may already be familiar with. Hades and Persephone; a struggling, forgotten love. And Orpheus and Eurydice; a new love, hindered by the poverty-stricken world they live in. The couples’ fates are intertwined and we’re taken way down to Hadestown.

You’ll leave the production knowing the exact message the production was trying to convey; one of belonging and hope. The talent on the Lyric Theatre stage is overflowing, and Zachary James’ Hades is utterly unforgettable. 

Mean Girls

London has been waiting for a West End production for a very long time, and I can’t quite believe its opening is almost here. Based on the 2004 film of the same name, the story follows home-schooled Cady who has spent her life in Africa and has now transferred to your all-American typical high school. After realising how brutal school can be, Cady tries to navigate school life, which proves ever difficult with the Plastics taking an interest in her…

After receiving a staggering 12 Tony nominations on Broadway, it’s easy to see why the UK is waiting with bated breath for this adaptation. Mean Girls the Musical opens at the Savoy Theatre on June 5th - it’s going to be so fetch!

Two Strangers (carry a cake across New York)

Two Strangers has been racking up five star reviews like no other show I’ve seen on the West End at the moment. The show follows the story of Dougal; an upbeat Brit (unlikely, I know) and Robin; a busy New Yorker, whose paths cross because of a family wedding. Unexpected meetings always leave the longest lasting impressions, and for Dougal and Robin, this is most definitely the case. You can read our review here.

What’s unique about this production is that it’s a two-handed musical, which means the entire cast consists of just two characters. This stripped back cast really encourages the audience to connect with the story and its characters, and Sam Tutty and Dujonna Gift do this with ease.

Hello, Dolly!

One of my most anticipated productions this year is Hello, Dolly!; namely because I’m so excited to see the sensational Imelda Staunton back on stage, where she truly belongs. The musical is an absolute classic and is filled with so much charm. Set in New York, it follows the story of widow and matchmaker Dolly, who may just find herself searching for a match for herself this time.

With so many iconic numbers, and an all-star cast - this will definitely be one to watch out for this summer. Hello, Dolly! opens at the London Palladium on 6th July for a strictly limited season.

However, this is only a brief look into the world of new musical theatre in 2024! Other notable favourites worthy of a mention are MJ the Musical, The Devil Wears Prada, Next to Normal, Kiss me Kate, Starlight Express and Standing at the Sky’s Edge. Whatever your interests and preferred genres, there’s something for every theatre-goer in 2024 - and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2025 already.

You can book tickets to all of the above shows here.


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