Playing Latinx
Rating: ★★★★★
Venue: Soho Theatre, London
Cast: Guido Garcia Lueches

Half stand-up, half Latinx grab bag of stereotypes, this fun, politically incorrect seminar will coach the audience on how to be a good immigrant.

A one-human show merging spoken word poetry, comedy and music to explore both what the ‘Latinx’ label means in the UK and on a more personal level, the lengths we all go to to fit in.

There is something almost magical about seeing yourself represented on a piece of art, whether it is a film, a book or on a stage. It makes you feel seen. It makes you feel like you are entitled to the space you take up in the world and that you are allowed to celebrate it.

“Representation” and “inclusivity” have unfortunately become more of a collection of buzzwords than a commitment to enact them, (for example in the case of the casting of Richard III) which is why seeing a one-person show by a Latinx performer in the Soho Theatre was such a special experience. Latinxs are one of the fastest growing demographics in the UK, and despite their growing presence and the wealth of talent within the community, you will struggle to find a Latin-American actor on the West End playing a role that doesn’t play on the stereotypes or ignores their heritage completely.

This is where Playing Latinx comes in.

With a perfect mixture of humour and hard hitting reflections, Guido García Lueches exposes the difficulties of being a Latinx artist trying to be taken seriously in an industry where you are often reduced to 1. Anger or violence, 2. Sex appeal or 3. Ignorance.

Framed partly as a seminar on how to be a successful Latinx, casting calls and asides, García takes us deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole that the Latinx identity is —the myriad of masks we are forced to adorn to conform, and how the biggest challenge of them all can be to dare to be “yourself”.

Don’t be mistaken, this show will have you in stitches, the sharp, well-timed jokes make the powerful message go down like a treat. García Lueches’ charisma is something to behold, the way he made a sold-out room engage, interact, be a part of the show was something I hadn’t experienced despite having seen a lot of comedy in my day.

Playing Latinx might be coming to an end at the Soho Theatre, but both Guido García and the directors, Mariana and Malena are talents to keep an eye on.

You can find out more about Playing Latinx at Soho Theatre, here.

Review by Luma

**photo credit: Mann Bros.**

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