Easter Cabaret
Rating: ★★★★
Venue: Phoenix Arts Club, London
Cast: Virgin X, Fou Fou Kaboom, Ada Campe, Prince Abdi and Andromeda Circus 

Step into the legendary Entertainment Club that has been the heartbeat of London’s creative scene for over 35 years.

Featuring the crème de la crème of cabaret and variety performers, our stage comes alive with the best in the business. From spellbinding musical theatre stars and side-splitting character comedy to sultry burlesque and breath-taking aerial performances, each act is an Easter masterpiece in its own right.
One thing's for certain, Phoenix Arts Club know how to throw a themed cabaret. Most cabaret shows I've been to make a very loose attempt at keeping to a theme, but the Phoenix does this with ease. What I love most is that it doesn't feel forced, or a haphazard attempt to pull together something relevant. The material was fresh, exciting and 100% on brand. However, one thing I will say - if you're easily offended, this probably isn't the cabaret for you.

Our mistress of ceremonies for the evening was Virgin X; an international cabaret sensation. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone capture a room's attention as quickly as they did...and not just because of the outrageously eye-catching outfit. They introduced themselves as the Virgin Mary, and it was here the cabaret took a somewhat dark, but wholeheartedly fantastic, twist. 

They had rewritten several smash hits such as Rihanna's "Unfaithful", and made them Easter themed. That's a feat in itself, but to then perform the way they did - the whole time they were on stage was honestly hypnotising. And the unplugged acoustic version of, "I Only F**k God"?...I'm going to need that studio version immediately

It's also worth mentioning that 31st March is Trans Day of Visibility, and Virgin X celebrated this with a parody of The Beatles' iconic hit, "Let it Be", to "Let Me Pee". A wickedly funny reimagining of the song and the absolute ludicrous behaviour that some people exhibit over gender neutral toilets. It felt like such an important use of their platform, but also while keeping it light-hearted and camp.

Other standout moments included Andromeda Circus' celestial performance with the aerial hoop. Donned in nothing but a glitter bra, underpants and heels, he worked the hoop with ease. And Fou Fou Kaboom's Easter burlesque. I never imagined I'd be seeing an egg striptease on stage...but the Phoenix Arts never fails to shock, and never disappoints. They often take the weird and wonderful, and give it a stage, and that's something I adore about the venue itself. In the words of Virgin X last night, "Thanks to the Phoenix Arts for programming weird shit like this and keeping this bitch paid".

We had two comedians last night. The first being Prince Abdi, who was more traditional when it comes to comedy. However, Ada Campe's two acts truly felt like being part of a fever dream, and I'm still not sure I've woken up! From her Jazz Fever/Syphilis song, to the appearance of the "traditional Easter shark" that was passed around the audience; the whole performance felt almost other-worldly. 

After spending a night here, it's easy to see why the venue has been thriving for over 35 years. It's home to a host of weird and wonderful talent that deserves its place on the stage. Where other cabarets back down, the Phoenix rises (pun intended). A show that's full of heart, and captures the true meaning of cabaret.

You can book tickets to see one of their many cabaret shows at the Phoenix Arts Club, here.

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