The Wedding Party: The London 50-Hour Improvathon 
Rating: ★★★★★
Venue: Wilton's Musical Hall, London
Cast: full cast here

It's wedding season at Everafter Manor - the UK's hottest spot to tie the knot. Loved-up couples are arriving with friends and family to celebrate their big day, but will they even make it to the altar?

Inspired by cinematic classics including Four Weddings and a Funeral, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mamma Mia!, Muriel’s Wedding, Bridesmaids, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Wedding Crashers, and more!

The only thing more chaotic than an improv show is a 50-hour marathon of mischief directed by Adam Meggido and Ali James, who over a whole weekend (from 7pm of Friday March 8th to 9pm Sunday 10th) conducted an incredible ensemble of performers in a sitcom-like celebration of all things weddings at Everafter Manor. We attended a particularly special episode on Sunday morning, specifically meant to be enjoyed by children of all ages.  

Despite being 80% through the marathon, (40 hours in when the episode began), the energy at Wilton’s Music Hall was electrifying. From hilarious hijinks to improvised songs that wouldn’t be amiss on a West End stage, the show easily incorporated staples of the genre-like audience interaction and practical jokes, with a more child-friendly approach.  

One of the most heart-warming moments of the show (of which there were plenty) was when the directors shared the role with two children from the audience: a five and an eight year old, who will almost certainly remember those moments behind the microphone where they had complete control over the show for years to come.  

The production design was very clever in its simplicity. Besides a couple of tables, some chairs and fake flowers, it was quite sparse which allowed the performers the possibility to play, while also letting them shine on their own right.  

Even though it was to be expected by the nature of the show, there were many jokes that were evidently call-backs to earlier episodes, which I’m sure were a nice reward for the brave souls that had stuck around from the very beginning, but for newcomers only there for one episode were perhaps a bit unsatisfactory.  

Whether for just an episode or for the whole 50 hours, this show is an experience every theatre lover should have, and I for one can’t wait to take on the challenge once it’s back — after everyone gets some well-deserved rest, of course! 

You can find out more information about Wilton's Music Hall, here.

Review by Luma

**photo credit to: Claire Bilyard**

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