Secret Burlesque Society
Rating: ★★★★
Venue: Proud City, London
Cast: Amy Black, Shade Flamewater, L'Sheila Sisters, Marie Devilreux, Kiki Moon, Ella Judge, William Parsonage, Lilleeta Fuego, Georgina Noda, Rayne Coram, Charlotte Dickinson and Mel Lee

This exclusive cabaret experience invites you to enter a realm of opulence, decadence, and thrilling allure. But beware, for within its glittering walls, secrets are shared and must be guarded with utmost discretion. Join us for an unforgettable evening of mystery, glamour, and revelry at the “Secret Burlesque Society.” But remember, once you enter, the secrets are yours to cherish and protect. Can you keep the allure within the confines of the clandestine society?

Having been an avid visitor at the Proud venues for the past few years, being invited back is always something I look forward to. After my many visits, I've never been disappointed, and last night's press night continued that streak. Having attended Kabaret Exposé this month, it was hard not to draw comparisons between the two, and their similarities. 

If you're looking for a tamer evening, with a sprinkle of kink, rather than the lashings that Kabaret Exposé provides, this is the cabaret show for you. It's still oozing with sexiness and passion, but not quite as risqué as previous shows, which I think will appeal to a wider audience. While the name suggests it's just a celebration of burlesque, that's definitely not the case and there's a variety of talent on offer - from magic, to fire artists, to aerialists, to tap dancing, to hair hanging, there really is something for everyone's tastes.

Having been to the venue frequently, I've seen many returning acts. However, last night we were treated to a range of acts that I'd never seen before, which made it seem more fresh and exciting for me. One of the standout acts from the evening was William Parsonage and Ella Judge. Their blindfolded acro to "I Put a Spell On You" was breath-taking to witness, and the chemistry between the pair was palpable. Sensual and classy is the vibe I was expecting from the evening, and this duo captured that expertly. 

Other highlights from the show included the magic and fire act from duo, Shade Flamewater and Lileeta Fuego. Fire artistry is always something that wows an audience, and Shade Flamewater is one of the best I've ever seen. Mel Lee's hair hang routine to the titular track from Moulin Rouge was jaw dropping, and to hear it was her first time performing the act to an audience - I was truly astounded. And finally, the Proud Chéries are a force to be reckoned with throughout the evening, dazzling with numbers such as Show Me How You Burlesque, and Roxanne from Moulin Rouge.

Amy Black was our hostess with the mostest for the evening, taking on the role as our "mistress", to which you have to address her as such throughout the night. Having been the host for several Proud shows I've been too, she always knows how to work a crowd and her voice is exceptional.

One act I felt unsure of was Kiki Moon's second performance of the evening. While her first was incredible, the second felt morally ambiguous as she paraded around the venue with white powder around her face, whilst acting "drunk". I feel as though this act may have slotted in better to a different show at Proud. It didn't have quite the same level of class as the rest of the evening.

Service is such an important aspect at Proud, and last night was extremely busy, which meant for slightly slower service than what I'm used to. However, that didn't take away from the overall enjoyment of the experience. The themed cocktails are always wonderful at Proud, and last night was no different.

Secret Burlesque Society is the perfect introduction to burlesque for any newcomers, as well as being ideal for any long-serving burlesque lovers. The production showcases a huge amount of talent in the three separate acts of the evening, and it makes for the perfect evening out.

You can book tickets to see Secret Burlesque Society at Proud City, here.

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