Kabaret Exposé
Rating: ★★★★★
Venue: Proud City, London
Cast: Shade Flamewater, Lilleeta Fuego, Missy Fatale, Jessicats, J'adore La Vie, Marie Devillreux, Amy Black, Julia Ruth Smith, Rayne Coram and Emma Hartman

Join us on a journey into the forbidden and the alluring with “Kabaret Exposé”, a daring fusion of dark cabaret and provocative burlesque that pushes the boundaries of desire and fantasy. Step into the underworld of cabaret and witness a spectacle that unfolds beneath the city, where every performance is a tantalizing revelation. Our cast of seductive performers invites you into a world where the line between pleasure and pain is blurred, and where the art of tease takes on a deliciously darker hue.

With the recent closure of Proud's flagship venue, Embankment, I was beyond excited to visit the newly renovated Proud City; their huge venue in the heart of London. Proud Cabaret has been a firm favourite of mine for many years, and last night solidified that Proud is still the very best in the business. Cocktails were poured, boundaries were tested and Mistress gave us our orders. As you enter the venue, Lilleeta and Shade are practising the art of bondage on the floor, which was a sight to behold; hypnotising and sensual, in every sense of the word.

There's usually a loose storyline that comes with these shows. However, this time, the theme is simply dark desires and fantasies, and it lives up to it's name remarkably. The direction of show from Jessicats, who also stars, is edgy, captivating and above all, sexy. An evening to celebrate fetishes; from role play, to collaring, to spanking, to bondage, to temperature play - there'll be something to get your heart racing throughout the evening.

Our host...sorry, mistress, for the evening was the incomparable Amy Black, who opened the show with a seductive take on "Tainted Love", followed by her fleet of Proud Kittens. She oozes charisma and charm, and takes control of the evening with ease. It wasn't long before I was bent over and spanked myself by Amy, and singing the chorus of "Bad Touch" into the microphone. She is wickedly funny, and has the talent to match. 

As always, the audience are treated to a variety of performers. From fire performers, burlesque artists, dancers and dominatrixes, the cast are overflowing with talent. Particular highlights for me were Julia Ruth Smith's dance to Sam Smith's "Unholy" and the teacher and student dynamic between Jessicats and Lilleeta. Their scene with shadowing behind the white screen was mesmerising. And Lilleeta's transition from "Bad Reputation" to "Slave 4 U" was inspiring.

J'adore La Vie pushed the boundaries to their limit with collaring, and the creation of "Sylvester". Marie Devillreux reminds us how she got her name as the seductive siren, as she pours hot melting wax over her breasts. And Lilleeta and Shade Flamewater turn the temperature even higher with their fire performances throughout the evening. An honourable mention must also go to Emma Hartman who is the ultimate dominatrix, and will leave you quivering with excitement. And of course, I ended the evening being ball gagged by Missy Fatale; there could have been no better conclusion. 

Alex Proud, owner of Proud Cabaret, also made an appearance and reminded the audience why press nights are so important. He told us that due to the economy, there's been a huge increase of bars and nightclubs closing in London, and if it continues at this rate, they'll be none left at all by 2027. This is harrowing to hear, but also reminds us of the importance of sharing our views and supporting the industry in any way that we can.

For the evening's show, I enjoyed a three course meal which consisted of leek and potato velouté, chicken supreme with cauliflower puree and a vegan chocolate parfait. As a gluten free diner, I was very impressed with the gluten free options, and had no issues with the food whatsoever.

If you're looking for an evening of world class talent and an atmosphere that's charged and full of sexual tension, Kabaret Exposé is the show for you. It's a boundary pushing, fetish celebrating, seductive dream. I couldn't recommend the evening more. 

You can book tickets to Kabaret Exposé at Proud City, here.

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