I Should Be So Lucky

Rating: ★★
Venue: New Victoria Theatre, Woking 
Cast: Lucie-Mae Sumner, Billy Roberts, Kayla Carter, Jamie Chapman, Jemma Churchill, Matthew Croke, Jessica Daley, Gary Davis, Melissa Jacques, Scott Paige and Giovanni Spanò 

Dive deep into a heart-warming and rib-tickling tale of Ella and Nathan – a star-crossed couple with wedding jitters and tropical dreams. Will their love sail smoothly, or are stormy break-ups ahead? Only time and tunes will tell. I Should Be So Lucky is about family, friends and being there when it matters most. Featuring ten Number 1 singles and over thirty era-defining songs from the Hit Factory.

I Should Be So Lucky is a feel good show chock full of absolute bangers as we follow Ella, a bride to be, and her bridal party to Turkey to have the honeymoon of her fiancé’s dreams, after he leaves her at the altar. The soundtrack of iconic pop classics fitted well and flowed very nicely within the context and dialogue of the show, a feat not always achieved by jukebox musicals. 

There were also some gorgeous vocal arrangements, bringing originality and new life to already existing material. Scott Paige and Ralph Bogard’s rendition of Sinitta’s 1987 hit ‘Toy Boy’ absolutely stole the show, with other stand out performances from Kayla Carter and Melissa Jacques. My highlights were the moments of ensemble choreography, seen mostly during scene transitions, as well as some of the numbers. I definitely felt the essence and spirit of the show the most when the ensemble-heavy company were dancing together.

With a cast of extremely talented humans performing their hearts out live on stage, it felt rather performative having Kylie Minogue herself appearing in the show. Kylie is an absolute goddess and highly respected addition to the music world. I can’t say I feel that ‘fairy godmother hologram’ was a necessary addition to her bio, and it felt a little like an excuse to include her in the show without true intention. It also felt as though the show had been written around all possible appearances Kylie could make, rather than writing her moments into the story, which capped the flow in a big way.

There were a couple of smaller set pieces I liked; the front door of Ella’s family home, and the hot air balloons were nice little features that complimented the story and built depth into the show. Aside from that, I found the set to be obnoxiously over the top and yet entirely ineffective. Most of the set pieces were purely background, giving no purpose to the show but often serving as a distraction, drawing the focus away from the action, which was only compounded by the amount of set LX used in the show. There were some really nice moments created with Howard Hudson’s use of lighting.

As a fun night out with the girls and a few drinks, you can definitely let your hair down and have a good time. As a musical and a piece of theatre and art, I think it missed the mark. I question the intentions of the development of such a show, whether it was a necessary addition to the world of theatre and whether there was a space for it in the market.

You can catch I Should Be So Lucky at New Victoria Theatre until 23rd March.

You can book tickets to see I Should Be So Lucky on its UK tour, here.

Review by Rachel

**photography by Marc Brenner**

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