Sleeping Beauty

Rating: ★★★★★
Venue: Harold Pinter Theatre, London
Cast: Kitty Scott-Claus, Louis Cyfer, Yshee Black, Kemah Bob, Victoria Scone, Ophelia Love, Michael Marouli and Kate Butch

Far far away, an all-star drag cast is waking up to re-tell the story of Sleeping Beauty, as you’ve never seen it before. Princess Aurora is under a cruel spell to sleep for 100 years… or is she just hungover and lazy… you decide. Will the evil Carabosse win the day, or will the dashing, suave, and ever so horny Prince Charming save the day, slay the competition, and save our Princess?! 

TuckShop has become a name associated with Drag Panto. This is their 3rd year putting on a production and this year we get to see ‘Sleeping Beauty’. It’s an absolute riot of a show and madness ensues from beginning to end.

With a whole host of drag Kings and Queens such as Victoria Scone, Michael Marouli and LoUis CYfer, you know you’re in for a good evening of seriously adult fun! Written by Miss Moppe and directed by Chris Clegg, this is a panto that is definitely NOT for all the family. The adult jokes come thick and fast from the moment Michael Marouli takes the stage as Fairy Fabulous (in the most spectacular glitter-covered costume). This is a pantomime like no other and with some wonderful alternatives to the original story, such as a new ending and conversations around the sticky consent issue that comes with having to wake a princess from her slumber with a kiss. One thing's for certain, this story has been brought right up to date.

Kitty Scott-Claus is our Princess Beauty who is just turning 16 and wants nothing more than to see the world, though under the protection of her father King Clyde (LoUis CYfer) she has not been allowed past the castle walls all her life. Kitty portrays the princess wonderfully with some of the best jokes in the show bringing the audience to tears of laughter.

Yshee Black is back again this year, this time playing Muddles, the rather unusual best friend of Princess Beauty. Yshee is great in this role, with perfect comedic timing and wonderful audience interaction. Even when it feels like things are falling apart, she does well at keeping the scenes she is in moving and on track.

The story is one we know and love but does often lose it’s way at times and actually sometimes feels unimportant given the talent we have on stage before us. Each King and Queen is given their time to take the spotlight and so the story seems to kind of bumble along in-between these fantastic segments; though that’s not a bad thing as the talent we have here is star quality. There are all the classic pantomime traditions included, the scary ghosts behind the actors, and a brilliantly mad version of ‘12 Days of Christmas’ which becomes more and more frantic as the song goes on!

If you’re a fan of Drag Race or just the drag scene in general this is a show you will not want to miss!

You can book tickets to see Sleeping Beauty until New Year's Eve, here.

Written by Rosie Browne

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