The Choir of Man
Rating: ★★★★★
Venue: Arts Theatre, London
Cast: James Hudson, Sam Ebenezer, Adam Bayjou, Mark Irwin, Michele Benvenuto, Mike Hamway, Peter Lawrence, Tom Miles and Ben Goffe

Welcome to THE CHOIR OF MAN, the best pub in the world... Come ready to drink in the excitement! Brimming with hits from incredible artists, this is a pub like no other! A wildly talented group of incredible instrumentalists, world-class wordsmiths, and sensational singers; this cast of nine (extra)ordinary guys serve it all... live!

An uplifting celebration of community and friendship where everyone is welcome. It's 90 minutes of feel-good, foot-stomping entertainment unlike anything else in the West End.

Welcome to The Jungle! "Music. Mates. Good Times." is the tagline for the show, and it couldn't be more apt. It offers the most unique experience currently in London's West End; you feel as though you're really in your local pub! Sometimes theatre shows just hit you differently and The Choir of Man is certainly that type of show.

I've been to see the production several times and you leave on such a incredible high each and every time (…that may be from the drinking though!). This 90-minute show has something for everyone; from the music, vocals, dance numbers & even a bit of tap, it’s just so diverse and a pure joy to experience.

Being able to join the cast onstage beforehand is a rare treat, and something I very much enjoy. Being able to grab a beer on the onstage pub and then interact with the cast as they gradually filter out before the show begins elevates the show to the next level; and makes you feel as though you're talking to friends at the pub, rather than performers.

The talent in this show is something everyone should experience at least once; it's truly unforgettable. It’s more than a show, it’s a place where everyone is welcomed and made to feel something extraordinary. However, yesterday was a special show as I got to take my son on such an important day, World Mental Health Day; whereby this beautiful show partnered up with a charity called CALM*. So not only is The Choir of Man incredible, funny and uplifting, but it also holds such an important message about the importance of speaking out and taking a stand against suicide; particularly in men.

Another aspect I love is that it feels so personal. While the actors are performing, they'll give out snippets of information in regards to each actor and it feels like you can really connect with those actors because of this. And the same goes with the personal touches with the band, as well. All of these little moments make the show feel like a real unit.

As I've been a few times, it's no surprise that I have my favourites in the show. But one in particular, is super swing, Sam Ebenezer. I've had the joy of seeing him play Romantic, Maestro, Poet and for last night's performance, Joker. His vocal range is incredible, and he truly has a stunning voice.

The songs of the evening span many decades and I have no doubt there's something for everyone in this show. However, my favourites are Escape (The Pina Colada Song) and Somebody to Love. When Mark Irwin (The Barman) sings Somebody to Love, I genuinely get goosebumps. His voice is absolutely beautiful.

Also our current Poet, Mike Hamway, is just brilliant and deserves a mention. The way he engages with the audience really makes you feel as though you’re part of the show and his energy is magnetic.

This show and it's incredible cast have my heart completely. And I have no doubt I'll be back to revisit The Jungle again soon, and I'd urge you to do the same!

You can book tickets to see The Choir of Man at the Arts Theatre, here.

Written by Zoe Collins and Sarah Jayne Vasquez

*If you or anyone you know suffers with suicidal thoughts, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) are a charity that is taking a stand against suicide, and smashing stereotypes along the way. For help, please click here. Or if you can donate to this incredible cause, please click here.

**photo credit to The Other Richard**

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