Proud Cabaret All Stars: Disco
Rating: ★★★★★
Venue: Proud Embankment, London
Cast: Jasmine Takacs & Aaron Brown (BGT finalists), Shade Flamewater, Emily Winters, Jessicats, Amy Black, Tanya Seifert, Lilleet Marshall, Julia Ruth Smith and Thomas Brackley 

Get ready to be transported back in time as "Cabaret All Stars: Disco Groove" infuses the glamour of burlesque with the sparkling spirit of the disco era! This riotous, vibrant production combines the allure of traditional burlesque and cabaret with the shimmering razzle-dazzle of disco, all under the roof of one glittering mirror ball.

It's no secret that Proud Embankment is one of my favourite venues in London's West End. When I was invited back to review their latest show, Proud Cabaret All Stars: Disco, I was incredibly excited. I've lost count of the times I've visited Proud, but last night goes down as one of the best experiences and performers. 

Be prepared to be transported back to the 70's! Disco dress code isn't required, but there are prizes awarded for those who are best dressed (and of course, my sister won!). Before the show begins, we're treated to a mix of disco hits and cocktails to set the mood for the evening. Unlike other Proud shows I've reviewed, there was no storyline to this show; it was simply a celebration of disco and showstopping cabaret artists.

Our hostess for the evening was the wickedly funny Amy Black. She wow'ed with covers of Donna Summers' "Last Dance" (while swinging over the Proud Cabaret stage!) and Gloria Gaynor's iconic, "I Will Survive". However, her standout performance for me was "Yes Dale, You Can Do Me", an outrageously funny cover of "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie". Black had the audience in the palm of her hands for the entire show. And she was fantastic at audience interaction, which is such an important aspect of being the hostess with the mostest. 

One of the most memorable acts of the evening was the ridiculously talented Jasmine Takacs & Aaron Brown, who were recently Britain's Got Talent finalists. Their dancing act was sensational and had the audience hypnotised as they twirled effortlessly across the stage.

However, as always, the Proud stage was overflowing with a variety of talent. All of the acts were high octane, polished and bursting with sexiness. From Emily Winters' astonishing hair hang, to Lilleet and Shade Flamewater's unbelievably hot (in every sense of the word!) fire act, to Tanya Seifert's outstanding vocals on iconic disco hits, such as Donna Summers', "Hot Stuff"; the show is a feast for the senses.

Jessicats' motorbike routine is never one to disappoint, and her tantalising burlesque to The Bee Gees, "Staying Alive", left everyone flustered. She is the embodiment of seduction, and sexiness oozes with every move she makes. The variety of acts at Proud is one of the reasons the venue holds such a special place in my heart.

For the evening's show, I enjoyed a 5 course meal which consisted of: spiced pumpkin velouté with pancetta, slow braised beef tart, roasted butternut squash and sage risotto, chicken supreme with smoked aubergine puree and a vegan chocolate mousse. As a gluten free diner, I was very impressed with the gluten free pastry with the beef tart. Fine dining at it's best.

The atmosphere was electrifying and an all-around brilliant night full of danger, seduction and world class talent. If you're looking for a night to remember that'll have you on your feet dancing to the likes of Abba and Donna Summer, then Proud Disco is the show for you! 

You can book tickets to Proud Cabaret All Stars: Disco at Proud Embankment, here.

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