For Tonight: A New Musical
Rating: ★★★★
Venue: Adelphi Theatre, London
Cast: Charlie Clapham, Rakie Ayola, Amy Di Bartolomeo, Jacob Young, Dale Evans, Emily Burnett, Leo Andrew, Joey Cornish, Charlotte-Hannah Jones and Otilia Panainte

Inspired by true events, with its origins in the writer Spencer Williams’ own third great-grandfather’s handwritten journal, For Tonight’s timeless love story, one of difference and divide, is propelled by a riveting, foot stomping, atmospheric score incorporating traditional Welsh choral, indie-pop, folk, and Romani style melodies and rhythms.

The musical is set in Wales back in 1832. A Romani family seek shelter, but when a plague starts killing people in the town, the people of Wales aren't quite as accepting as they first were...

It focuses on themes of belonging, acceptance, and discrimination, which, as you can imagine, makes for an emotional roller coaster.

The score and lyrics are what make this production as beautiful as it is. Whether you connect to a song or not, it's just simply stunning to take in. Paired with the outstanding choreography from Kevan Allen; it's a feast for the senses.

Performances from both Amy Di Bartolomeo and Charlotte-Hannah Jones stole the show. Engaging, captivating and vocally exceptional. However, the entire cast were fantastic and as a whole, difficult to critique.

The best way to describe this uplifting and unique piece of theatre is that it feels like home. It's comforting, heart-warming and has all the ingredients needed for a West End run.

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