Bonnie & Clyde the Musical Cast Recording
Rating: ★★★★★
Cast: Frances Mayli McCann, Jordan Luke Gage, George Maguire, Jodie Steele, Cleve September, Dom Hartley-Harris

Featured Ensemble: Robbie Scotcher, Alexander Evans, Kit Esuruoso, Barney Wilkinson, Lauren Jones, Julie Yammanee, Pippa Winslow, Chloe Saunders, Charlie McCullagh, Sydnie Hocknell and Michael Cortez

Bonnie & Clyde has just finished it's second West End run in a year, and one thing's for the sure...the world will remember this musical; especially with the release of the cast recording today. This musical based on a true story of the infamous outlaws was created by Ivan Menchell, Frank Wildhorn and Don Black.

We've all been anticipating the drop of the Bonnie & Clyde cast recording for a while now. In fact, it's been so long, I was wondering whether the hype may have subsided. However, as soon as the date was announced, the hell-raisers were out in full force - and once you've listened to the album, you'll understand why this musical has such a huge cult following.

The musical follows infamous outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. While Bonnie's always dreamed of her name up in lights, Clyde has other plans. After their paths cross and they fall head over heels in love, their lives slowly descend into a tumultuous ride of manipulation and crime.

Frank Wildhorn and Don Black are the geniuses behind the score and lyrics for Bonnie & Clyde. They've crafted an album filled with angsty rock numbers, sweeping ballads and uplifting gospel music. It's certainly an eclectic selection of genres! Each song is dripping with intensity and emotion

Jordan Luke Gage is our Clyde Barrow on the West End cast recording. While previous Clyde's have lent into the grit of Clyde, Gage plays more into the charismatic side of the character; which he has in bucketfuls. Without a doubt, "Raise a Little Hell" is one of the highlights of the album, with his anger finally reaching it's crescendo - and the song perfectly captures that. Other notable favourites which capture Jordan's Clyde beautifully are the understated "Bonnie" and the show-stealing, "The World Will Remember Us".

Frances Mayli McCann is our Bonnie Parker, and her voice sounds as outstanding on the recording as it did on stage. McCann's smooth as silk vocals bring a seductive side to fan favourites such as "How 'Bout a Dance", while taking your breath away in numbers such as "Dyin' Ain't So Bad" and "You Love Who You Love".

While McCann and Gage are our leading cast members, the ensemble and supporting cast shine just as brightly on this album. A special mention must go to Dom Hartley-Harris who sings my top pick on the recording, "God's Arms Are Always Open". His voice is gritty, powerful, and everything I expect from Preacher. 

Another of my favourites is the alternates version of "Dyin' Ain't So Bad", performed by Lauren Jones and Barney Wilkinson (alternate Bonnie & Clyde). It's a truly special way of celebrating the often overlooked alternates in musical theatre. And can we get an amen for the recording for capturing Lauren's "Chevrolet" so perfectly in "You're Goin' Back to Jail"?! 

Something that surprised me was that I preferred the music itself in the cast recording, as opposed to watching the show live. The orchestra were absolutely fantastic, so props must go to Nick Barstow and Honor Halford-Macleod for being such incredible musical and assistant musical directors.

My one small gripe with the recording is that I wish "Here in Our Hearts" had made it onto the album. While I know it was removed for the second West End run, it was a special part of the original London run, and I would have loved to see it included. If not just to hear Cleve September's gorgeous vocals more. His voice is absolutely exceptional throughout the recording.

I've had the pleasure of listening to the album many times in the past week and it's just as brilliant as I hoped it would be. There are many catchy songs, and because of the many genres it spans, there's something for everyone's music tastes. I'll certainly have it on repeat for the foreseeable future, and I think fellow hell-raisers will now be even more excited for the upcoming tour! 

You can download the Bonnie & Clyde the Musical cast recording here.

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