Proud Cabaret: Flirty Dancer
Rating: ★★★★
Venue: Proud Embankment, London 
Cast: Lilleet Marshall, Kevin Jack, Ava Ventura, Jessicats, Lady Lydia, Shade Flamewater, Mister Smith, Aidan Sadler and Seifert Sisters

Marvel at the ultimate story of forbidden love, passion and Dancing. We're hosting our all-new cabaret at our newly renovated Embankment venue. Our recently renovated two-story venue has made a lot of noise in the West End for hosting a spectacular array of diverse cabaret experiences. And we're not stopping there. Watch our opulent venue transform into an iconic set as our triumphant live stage performance perfectly encapsulates a never-seen-before Cabaret love story.

Welcome to Proud Resort and Spa. Proud Embankment has been transformed into the home of Flirty Dancer; a cabaret show loosely based on the cult classic, Dirty Dancing. If you've been following my reviews for a while, you'll know that Proud Embankment is one of my favourite venues in London. Like the many shows I've had the pleasure of viewing before, this did not disappoint.

The clue's in the name, but this particular cabaret focuses heavily on dancing. I've usually found that the storyline takes a back seat to the outrageously talented cabaret artists. However, this time, the storyline takes centre stage and the audience are constantly wow'ed with some of the most fantastic choreography I've ever seen. Sharp, sensual, and above all, sexy.

You'll be transported back to the 80's with iconic hits, such as Hungry Eyes. And prepare to be serenaded by the gorgeous voices of Ava Ventura and Aidan Sadler. Ava Ventura performs before each of the 3 acts, and she starts off slow and sultry, and progressively gets louder, sexier and wilder - which I adored.

Lilleet Marshall and Kevin Jack are our leads, and the chemistry between the pair is sizzling. Their performance throughout feels equally like you can't take your eyes off the duo, but also so sexy that you shouldn't even be watching. 

As always, there's a huge mixture of insane talent. From the Seifert Sisters and their jaw-dropping aerialist act, to Jessicats and her breath-taking burlesque, to Dippy and Dolly's (Shade and Lydia) inspiring fire and magic. The diverse range of acts is one of the aspects I love most about the shows at Proud.

I enjoyed a 5 course meal along with the show, which consisted of: heritage tomato and burrata with croutons, flaked salmon with avocado and ciabatta, cornfed chicken breast with chicken skin and sweetcorn, beef sirloin with parsnip puree and purple broccoli, and rhubarb and stem ginger cake. The beef sirloin was simply incredible

The atmosphere is always electric at Proud, and Flirty Dancer is no different. The show is bursting with energy, filled with fun and dripping with sexiness

You can catch Flirty Dancer at Proud Embankment, here.

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