Jurassic Live
Rating: ★★★★
Venue: Adelphi Theatre, London
Cast: Jessie Hack, Nathan Saxton, Steph Phillips, Louis Randall, Andrew Rawlinson-Heath, Freya Wheeler, Chris Castle, Jordan Cottrell and Eduardo Garcia 

Join Jurassic Live for a roarsome adventure at the UK’S biggest and best award winning dinosaur show! Featuring mind blowing special effects, a brand new show for 2023, professional puppeteers and the UK’s most realistic dinosaurs this 90 minute full stage production isn’t a show to miss! Jurassic Live really is the greatest dinosaur show on earth!

With prices starting at just over £20 and reaching £35 for top tier seats, I wasn't expecting too much from Jurassic Live, but as my nephew is a huge dinosaur lover, I was looking forward to his reactions. However, I was thrilled with the quality of the show, along with the dinosaurs. I thought it was fantastic value for money, and fun for all the family.

The story is very similar to Wizard of Oz, whereby our main character, Amber, falls asleep and we are whisked away to the world of her dream. However, we don't wake up in Oz, we awaken in Jurassic Live; a dinosaur park like no other. The very same dinosaur park in her favourite bedtime story that her Grandpa Joe reads to her every night.

It's at Jurassic Live that we meet a huge selection of dinosaurs; from the giants of the dinosaurs, like Nessie the apatosaurus and Herbie the stegosaurus, we're also met with baby dinosaurs, like Trixie the baby triceratops and family favourites such as Bash the stygimoloch and Rocky the velociraptor. However, the huge reveals of the show are the tyrannosaurus rex, as well as the flying pterodactyl. 

As we venture into Jurassic Live and meet our animal friends, we also meet our human friends - Ranger Joe, Ranger Nora and Doctor Jones. However, one of our friends isn't quite what they seem. And before long, dinosaurs start going missing from their enclosures, and it's up to the rangers (along with the audience) to help save the day.

There's plenty of audience participation throughout to keep your little ones entertained, and with the show being just over 2 hours, I was expecting children to become fidgety and bored. However, every child (and adult) was transfixed to the stage, and joining in when asked. From adults dressed as chickens, to children feeding the dinosaurs on stage - it provided so many families lasting memories, which was wonderful to see.

Ranger Joe (Nathan Saxton) was sensational with the audience, and he was both mine and my nephew's favourite - which I think says a lot about how he managed to connect with everyone of all ages. However, the entire cast were fantastic, and great at engaging the large amount of children in the audience.

There were many musical numbers in the show, which I wasn't expecting. Familiar hits such as Wake Me Up, A Million Dreams and The Show Must Go On were included. The choreography, the acting and the singing were so brilliant, that it almost felt like a professional pantomime based around dinosaurs, which I absolutely adored.

The only slight issues I had with the show was the feedback on some of the microphones throughout, that didn't seem to get any better. However, I understand that audio problems sometimes can't be helped. Also, the use of torches was quite overwhelming at times. I found myself frequently covering my eyes as they really were quite blinding.

If you're looking for a fun filled show with music, great characters, and, of course, dinosaurs - then Jurassic Live is the show for you. The best way to describe the show is a dinosaur themed pantomime, that the whole family will love. 

You can catch Jurassic Live on it's nationwide tour, here.

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