Saw Escape Experience: London
Venue: America Square, London
Cast: N/A

This multi room, immersive escape experience is brought to you in partnership with Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures, and The Path Entertainment Group.

Combining the thrill of escape rooms with the theatricality of immersive experiences, SAW: Escape Experience London will test your mind, your mettle, and your moral choices. Do you think you have what it takes to escape Jigsaw’s latest test? Let the games begin.

With Saw being one of my favourite franchises, the immersive escape room experience was something I'd been looking forward to for a while. It originally opened late last year but had closed for some updates to be made. Having just recently reopened, I was excited to immerse myself into a film series I adored so much.

The theming starts from the second you enter America Square. There are signs inviting you to your fate pretty early on, and then you enter to have your themed photos taken. They take a fun photo and a more serious photo; both of which come with a selection of different Saw themed backgrounds. These cost £25 for two, with a souvenir photo booklet.

Once you're given your coloured hi-vis to determine your team colour, the games begin. From the second you enter the game, it's both intense and exhilarating. You quickly forget that you're taking part in an escape room, and simply surviving the rooms feels like the only goal. I think getting lost in the horror is something this experience does brilliantly.

What I loved was that there was a purpose to the rooms. They could have simply themed a few rooms around Saw with no links, but the fact that there's a new back story and there's someone you're desperate to save within the game makes it seem that much more extreme.

This is a spoiler free review, but if you're a fan of the franchise, you won't be disappointed. There's iconic scenes recreated, infamous traps, and it truly does feel like you've just stepped into one of the films. 

There are two routes to choose from: Jigsaw and Spiral. If you're less physically abled, the Jigsaw route is the better of the two. This is the route I experienced, and we had the freezer room (full of pig carcasses!), a furnace and an electrical room. The Spiral route is more physical and features the iconic bathroom from the original film. It goes without saying I'll be back to experience that one soon!

A great touch was having Tobin Bell himself voice the attraction. As an avid Saw fan, this was incredibly exciting for me and made the experience feel even more authentic. And, of course, there's a scene with Billy on his tricycle. There were so many nods to the entire franchise without, and the set designs were simply stunning. I spent most of my time drinking in the event, which is probably why I failed. That's what I'll tell myself anyway...

Expect several jump scares throughout and be prepared to get practicing your screams! There are so many heart in your mouth moments where it all feels so incredibly real. I'll be honest, this was everything I could have hoped for, and more.

But it doesn't stop there! You then enter The Traproom; a bar which offers a selection of Saw themed drinks and merchandise. Do you fancy an infamous pig mask? Or a Billy pin? This is the place to be. It was reasonably priced and I purchased a t-shirt, which was £25.

The drinks were incredible. You could choose between a berry daquiri or a needle margarita. If you like sweet cocktails, definitely opt for the daquiri. If you like your drinks sour, the margarita is the way forward. Yes, I had both. And yes, they were both delicious. The daquiri is served in a bag of John Kramer's blood and with the margarita, you inject the needle into the drink yourself!

I also had the chance to speak with Tom Beynon, the creative producer of the experience, and that interview will be coming this week. He gave a great insight into the show and how they bought the idea to reality.

I can't express just how fantastic this immersive experience is. The perfect combination of an escape room, but a theatrical performance too. It's intense, extreme and absolutely exhilarating - everything that something related to the Saw franchise should be. Now the experience in London is officially open...let the games begin

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