Queenz: The Show With Balls
Rating: ★★★★
Venue: Arts Theatre, London
Cast: Billie Eyelash (Luke Hall), ZeZe Van Cartier (Lew Ray), Belle DuBall (Ben Sell), Dia Monte (Jaymi Hensley), Candy Caned (Josh Hanson)

The trailblazing, life affirming drag extravaganza taking the UK by storm. Featuring mind blowing LIVE vocals, and not a lip-sync in sight! Join these death-dropping divas as they slay the biggest hits of all time and serve up the sequin-clad pop party we've all been gagging for!

Get ready to sing along to reimagined classics from The Spice Girls, Lady Gaga, Little Mix, Britney, Whitney, and everything in between. Queenz is drag like you've never HEARD it before!

These incredible queens just finished their stop at West End venue, the Arts Theatre. This is part of their nationwide tour - and the fun has only just begun. After their hugely successful Edinburgh Fringe run, they're ready to slay at a huge selection of UK venues until April 2023.

The show consists of five incredible drag artists; Billie Eyelash, ZeZe Van Cartier, Belle DuBall, Dia Monte and Candy Caned. As they'll frequently remind you throughout, these performers don't need to lip sync, as they're absolutely bursting with talent. The vocals are absolutely jaw-dropping and more than worthy of having a permanent home on a West End stage. The show is just under 90 minutes of feel-good, powerful music anthems. From a 7 minute musical theatre inspired medley, to the greatest hits of the Spice Girls and Cher; the divas of the past and present were certainly celebrated.

The show is packed full of innuendos...and outright filth; but isn't that exactly what you want from a drag show?! Each performer gets their own time to shine on stage, as well as a selection of group numbers. While we're talking of group numbers, can we talk about the dance breaks? I still can't even walk in heels, let alone slay on the dancefloor.

The costumes and lighting are certainly worth a mention. The costumes are as jaw-dropping as the vocals. Each queen changes multiple times throughout the show to fit the vibe of the song they're performing and that's something that works particularly well.

The atmosphere at this show was absolutely electric. You'll spend half the night on your feet, singing and dancing along to much loved classics. Most people go into a drag show knowing what to expect, and no one seemed to leave disappointed last night.

A moment that will stay with me forever is when they took to the stage to perform "True Colours" and spoke about the LGBTQIA+ community and the power of coming together, and the feeling of belonging. It left me feeling choked up and was a truly sincere moment in an explosion of joy, colourful chaos and fun.

If you're looking for a night out to let your hair down, sing, dance and be wowed with powerhouse vocals and outfits, Queenz: The Show With Balls should be your show of choice. It really is a fantastic show that I hope returns to the West End soon.

You can book tickets to see Queenz: The Show With Balls on their nationwide tour, until 2023, here.

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