Millennials: A Pop Song Cycle
Rating: ★★★★
Venue: The Other Palace (Studio)
Cast: Cleve September, Georgina Castle, Lucca Chadwick-Patel, Jarnéia Richard-Noel, Rhys Taylor and Becca Wickes 

Millennials is a brand new British musical that turns up the microphone on the lives, the losses, and the frustrations of young people in the modern world.

A generation that is so often defined by tabloid headlines, tweets and, of course, avocados, has picked up the mic and transported us inside their extraordinarily ordinary lives.

Before we get into reviewing the show - we have to talk about the venue, and the incredible transformation the Studio has had at The Other Palace. Be prepared to walk into a sparkly pink and green heaven. From a huge ball pit, a plastic car, a bath tub, beach balls, blankets - and a giant avocado (with a trampoline!) as the stage; the set is both bonkers and spectacular! If you've visited the Studio at The Other Palace previously, the space is almost unrecognisable, in the best way.

It's worth mentioning that this is a very interactive show, and if you're sitting downstairs, the cast will interact with you. I had a chat to all of the cast before the show began, and there's some participation throughout. If this isn't something you're comfortable with, it may be best to sit in the upstairs gallery...or hide in the ball pit

Before going into the show, it's important to know that this is not a traditional musical. Rather, it's a pop song cycle. A pop song cycle is essentially a collection of songs, that has very little, if any, dialogue. It's pitched as a "musical collage" - and I couldn't think of a better way to describe it.

While the songs aren't necessarily connected, they all have one thing in common: what it means to be a Millennial. As a millennial myself, I was really hoping to connect to the music and lyrics, and it did not disappoint. There were a few standout performances for me. The first being Four Little Words (or as I like to call it, Don't Be a Dick!). This was performed by Rhys Taylor and they were absolutely fantastic. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so much; their comedic timing was perfect.

However, my favourite song of the show was Priceless, performed by Cleve September. From the opening verse about people that bullied you in school, suddenly wanting to be your friend now, the song really resonated with me. I found the entire song relatable, witty and very Hamilton-esque. So who better to be performing the number than Cleve? Cleve is one of my favourite West End performers and his energy and smile is infectious throughout the show.

Becca Wickes also wowed with her rendition of Masterpiece; which was previously performed by Hannah Lowther. While much of the show is upbeat and bouncy, this ballad left me feeling emotional and almost vulnerable (may have even shed a tear or two!). What a belt Becca has - she is phenomenal

I think the reason this show didn't get five stars from me, is because I'm unfamiliar with pop song cycles; so it did feel odd to not really be following a story. However, I have several more visits planned before it closes next month, and I think the more familiar I become with the concept, the more enjoyment I'll have from it.

It's relatively short at 75 minutes (with a 10 minute interval), but it doesn't feel rushed, or pushed for time at all. There's a total of 13 songs within the show, so it definitely does pack those numbers in! From the second you're let into the venue, you're met with 90's music and aesthetic, and I even sat on a Rugrats blanket (which I was absolutely thrilled with). Also, be prepared to be hit with silly string and to be covered in confetti and bubbles!

Apart from my distaste for avocados (coming from a millennial, I know!), I thought the show captured perfectly what it means to be a millennial. From the clothes, to the make up, the hairstyles, to the feelings - I came away feeling understood.

The show has one of the best atmospheres I've ever been a part of, and it's some of the best fun I've ever had in a theatre. If you're looking for a piece of immersive theatre that's relevant, exciting and full of nostalgia - this is the show for you!

Buy tickets to see Millennials: A Pop Song Cycle, at The Other Palace, here.

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